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Originally Posted by mrgdm007 View Post
Ok so I found a toyota master mechanic that has experience with supras and the 6 speed. He said that there is a chance that either the dealership that I bought it from didnt put the clutch/pressure plate, they installed the flywheel improperly, a bad throwout bearing, as well as many other things or even it could even be the gear box because the metallic clunking noise I hear when I push in the clutch only happens when I am driving and not when I am sitting in neutral . So I told them to go ahead and take out the transmission, the mechanic was actually a really cool guy, and even when the service manager walked away the guy was really cool and helpful, not like any other lexus or toyota dealership ive ever worked with, the manager was really cool too! The guy before I even paid for anything or asked to pull the transmission, the mechanic was looking of gear boxes and transmissions, where he could get them from and how long it would take to get each one with a price, which was really cool. I decided to get the fidanza flywheel and am replacing the slave cylinder and master cylinder while im doing all this work too. Il give you an update on what my situation is as I get more info.
Are you sure you need a new clutch slave cylinder and master cylinder? It's very rare for either of those to go bad...
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