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I was wrong--not the neutral switch. Believe it or not, wife got stranded again today! I'm lucky I got dinner tonight. Car has been starting fine ~8 times, then nothing. She tried shifting in and out of Park a few times, tried neutral, nothing.

Drive ~10 miles to tow her again, tell her to try it one more time. Car fires right up. This is with the hood switch wires twisted together, which is SUPPOSED to prevent the alarm from arming.

If it isn't the alarm computer, maybe it's the starter relay that's in the pass. side "kick panel". I took a look and it doesn't appear to be easy to get that panel off. I assume the kick panel is on the side at the floor, or is it the underside of the dash?

One thing's for sure, she won't drive this thing until I (we) solve it for good.
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