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Default Easy Way to Bypass Theft Deterrent System

Wife's '90 turbo Supra stranded her in a Home Depot parking lot. Wouldn't crank. Told her via phone to try locking/unlocking doors. No help. Told her to find and pull the "DOME" fuse from underhood fuse block, still no help.

I drive over, try everything I can think of including disconnecting battery for a while, no help. Left battery disconnected. Had car towed to local Toyota dealer--dropped off after they closed.

Next day Toyota mechanic hooks battery up, car fires right up. No charge, got free car wash too. But that is the LAST time this car is gonna pull that stunt. I don't need that complicated factory system-I have my own "jumper plug" that gets pulled out when the car is parked, and it won't start w/o the plug in place.

I've spend 2 days reading a lot of posts here on the TDS. If I simply jumper the wires together for the hood latch switch while the TDS is off, will that work as per a post from years ago? That is supposed to prevent the TDS from arming itself. Do I need to do anything more?
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