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you get to a point when working on the car where you just give up.
happened to me when the headgasket got fixed. everything was being put back together and a bolt for the exhaust manifold stripped.
Damnit! I said it'l get fixed once I upgrade my exhaust header. (3 years later I still have an exhaust leak) I WILL fix it before it gets worse but damn if thats not allot of work. My parts are starting to come in so I should have my car very far away from bone stock like it is now by the start of summer hopefully. Im starting with a lex afm and going 3" from elbow to test pipe. (cat back exhausts are freaking expensive, plus i replaced it about 2 years go, i cant really see just scrapping a perfectly good exhaust) allready have my safc1 wired up waiting for my wideband to come in so I can weld a bung onto my dp. and once I find a decent exhaust header ill fix my leak. oh and Ill have my rebuilt ct-26 upgraded to 57" trim by mid april. just trying to arrange a Daily drive so I can take my turbo off.

wow sorta got off topic there. wtf did i start this post trying to say?

92 Ma71 7mGTE Auto. SafcII
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