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Originally Posted by btwilson86 View Post
Not really. The Distributor is directly connected to the exhaust cam, but you still need to verify that the 2 camshafts are timed properly to the crankshaft, and then check your ignition timing again (with the timing light). On the compression stroke, the 2 camshafts have a yellow mark that points straight up (there's a raised line on the cover behind them that you can line them up to) and the crankshaft notch should be right at 0?. Then start the car, idle it to operating temp and shut it off. Put your jumper wire in the diagnostic box and hook up your timing light. Fire the car up and set your base ignition timing to 10? BTDC. Pull the jumper out with the car running and verify that it advances further a couple of degrees, then shut the car off, tighten your dizzy, and disconnect the timing light.

Check here for more info, found this in the MKIII FAQ.
Thanks, i read that and then had my auto teacher look it up in his big CD collection of car information. Ive done the first couple steps, so the cams are lined up right with the crankshaft and the belt is tight. I adjusted the timing by RPMs because i didnt have a light, and its better. Once I get the timing gun ill fine tune it and get back to yall. Power isnt all the way there, but its better.
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