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Update, as requested-:

Saturday was a reasonable day by the time I woke up late morning so I made a start on the jigsaw. It went pretty well I think & in about 3 1/2 hours of working at a relaxed pace with plenty of smoke/brew/chat breaks I've got the head on & torqued (went in 15lb increments all the way up to 95 ft/lb on the stock bolts, lightly lubed on threads & washers. hopefully this'll do the trick!).

After a quick rest to recover from the torquing session (I'm outta shape OK? ) I went ahead & put the cams, sprockets etc in & timed the thing up, also fitted the CPS while the rocker covers were off. Then came the fun of remembering what wires & pipes went through which bit of manifold, 2 takes & that was dealt with & the fuel rail, injectors, upper plenum and a few other gubbins went back.

I called it a day after that as my back was killing me (If you can remove the bonnet to do the HG it's a lot easier on the spine but I have to work outdoors & need it for weather shielding). Sunday & today have been no-go due to about a foot of snow falling over saturday night but with a bit of luck it'll be OK tomorrow & I can get the rest done. Basically all I need to do is fit the exhaust mani' & turbo/pipework, stat housing, coolant hoses, rad & fan. Then hook up the coils & remaining electrics, fit covers, fill fluids and grab the key & a big handful of hope!!!

I'll let you know what happens in a few days when I'm online again, touch wood I'll be driving round in the Supra by then....
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