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Default Thinking about bying an 89T

Hello all, used to own a '85 P-type, sold it a couple years ago and now I want a MKIII. Here's what I'm looking at.
It's an '89 turbo, targa, auto. Has 75K miles on it. Pretty much bone stock, it still has the factory radio/CD player, and it works. The interior is in great shape. I didn't see any rust on it, the paint looks pretty decent, some of the molding clips have come apart though. The guy said that he just had the head gasket replaced, and the radiator replaced. But when he went to start it while i was looking at it the starter would not crank, he says it has always started before but had to be jumped (something prob draining the batt.).
From what I've read this could likely be, the alarm not dis-arming, or the small wire to the starter is bad. The car didn't click or anything...
The guy selling it wholesales and wants it gone, he said he has about $3K into the car ($1500 for the car, $800 for the HG, $300 for the radiator/hoses, $300 in paint work). He will take $2,800 for it as it sits.
I like this car, I like the low miles, and that it doesnt appear to have been beaten on.
If the problem with the car not wanting to start is in fact something as easy as the alarm, would this car be worth $2,800? Am I on the right track for the starting problem?
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