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How did your turbo oil line get a hole? When I had to pull the cyl. head off my '90, I gave up trying to get the bolt out and just cut the lines off--big mistake. I thought I'd be able to weld or braze threaded fittings on them for future disassembly, but that didn't pan out.

I ended up buying a used line assembly from someone on this forum.

You need to be aware that nearly all Mk 3 Supras get head gasket leaks--BHG, or blown head gasket. The problem is that Toyota didn't use enough torque on the head bolts. I bought my '90 when it only had 65,000 miles on it and the prev. owner had retorqued the bolts tighter. At ~80,000 the gasket let go between 2 cyls.

If I ever had to replace another head gasket on a turbo Supra I would pull the engine rather than do it in the car, and reinstall as much stuff as I could while the engine was bolted to a stand.

Remove all the oil around the spark plugs, then pull the plugs. Use a good flashlight and look at the top of each piston. They should be dry. If you see water you may as well fix it before you put it back together.
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