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Originally Posted by cre View Post
The culinders and everything else is numbered front to back. Anyway, it's the only thing the valve cover goes up over, you just need to add a little dab of RTV silicone to the tight corner where it comes up.

Google "diy boost controller"; if you're unsure of the accuracy of the instructions you find post a link and I'll look it over.

I am unfamiliar with that company; Make sure they do reliable work. I (as well as most Supra owners) advise not going larger than a 57 trim. Personally, I'd go with a company that has a lot of experience specific to the CT-26.

BOV and WG have nothing to do with one another... neither one will affect the operation of the other. There's nothing to installing an aftermarket BOV, install pipe with proper flange, mount BOV, connect the vacuum hose which ran to the stock BPV, plug BPV's return and the opening on the manifold where the pressure was venting from.

Do keep in mind that loud BOVs are cop magnets (ugh) and you may experience issure when letting of the throttle (stumbling or stalling) as the ECU thinks it's about to receive air which has actually been purged.

Heh, oh we will.
Oh. I was under the assumption that a blow off valve was a waste gate just mounted away from the turbo itself.

Ok so today I took off the valve covers the came look great verry little scoring and pretty clean but I'm going to degrease the valve covers and the cwhile I'm in there.. I also found a few verry dissappointing things in this process ;(

First off there are a few cremped hoses that need to bbe fixed ( no big deal). But then there's a hard pipe type hose that goes from some type of valve into the manifold that crosses over the block. It was hard plastic and wraped in electrical tape. Idk what to call it to get it ordered.

Then after I got all the clutter off the valve covers I took the wires off the sp plugs and 3 of the wires that run from the coil packs broke off on the plugs and on the inside where the plugs are its flooded with oil. What the heck dso I do about this? Iv heard its some what normal for it to happen but its quite a bit of oil in there. Any idea where the oil is leaking in from?

Then I decided to look in the trunk and discovered it is not in existance the entire spare tire holding area is rusted through I can see the muffler and gas tank from the back seat when the cover is out. And the area a little to the right by the fuel pump is starting to rust through to : ) idk what to do about this. This car is turning into more of a project everytime I try to fix something...

Thanks for all the replys by the way . Thewy have been verry helpfull
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