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Default This Guy Makes Me Sick!

Yea I just Almost Got Scamed

His Email:
(Email 1)

I'm the owner of the 1997 Toyota Supra Twin Turbo on which you've recently show interest. The car is in excellent shape and running condition and it has a clean title. The price for the car is $5,500 with shipping and handling included in price. I am located in Richmond, VA now and the car will be shipped from here. Shipping will be done via DAS and it will take no more then 2-3 days top (depending on your exact location).
The transaction will be made through iEscrow for our own protection. You will have 5 days to inspect and test drive the car upon arrival with no obligation to buy. If you are serious interested in the purchase, please get back to me and let know so we can make the deal.


(Email 2)
I've attached you few pictures of the car in this email. I am the Original Owner of this Supra!! The car is in awesome condition inside and out. I have always babied this car and kept it in the garage. The paint is in perfect condition. I always wash the car at least once every two weeks, and thats when I'm being lazy. All power options work properly. Air conditioning is ice cold. Engine and transmission perform excellent. The overall condition is excellent.
The car is 100% ready to drive, it won't require anything and is 100% reliable.
I will try to tell you in few words how the process works through iEscrow.
Their primary purpose is to protect buyers and sellers from fraud. iEscrow services accept and hold payment from the buyer until the buyer receives and approves the merchandise. Only then do they forward the payment to the seller.
If you are really interested in the purchase please provide me your full name and shipping address so I can forward them at iEscrow in order to open a case about our deal and they will guide you through the rest of the process so we can complete this deal successfully and in the best manner !


What A Fucking Lier!
I did a Background Check By looking up all his post on the car on Google.
i typed in his email, i hope this will help someone.
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