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The Supra Started
we started to move the van next to the supra to try and jumpstart is. After a few atemps and playing with al the electric goodies in the car it was time to get serious! We wanted to move te supra so we replaced the rear tire so the moving would be a lot easier!
After jacking up the car it wasnt so hard to replace the tire 8)
After we moved the supra it was time for a wash up, a clean supra is a happy supra right?
After cleaning the supra we were ready to really get started, Refilled the engine oil and moved it next to the van for an other jumpstart.
Big moment! after trying 2 times we gave it one more shot and she started!. She was running smoooooth no anoying sounds just the sound of an engine reving.

Where did the supra go?

There she is! (Dont mind the plants growing trough the bumper)


A clean interior:lol:


Anoying streetkids

A Beast...




as she is nowadays

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