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Default engine warning light :(

i too have the same problem, but not only does that light go on but others aswell including oil light, battery light, i think heating? (looks like a cat with heat waves coming out) and i think rear lights..

first of its very weird because i know the car has been serviced reguarly by toyota, i recently bought the car and yeh shes mechanically A1 besides the lights which only come on every now and again..

i was browsing around and came across this..

"The ECM stores the code(s) until it is cleared by removing the EFI No. 1 fuse with the ignition switch off."

First off i know that oil is fresh as i change it every 3000kms with motul chono v, and replace the oil filter and use e30 engine treatment. and i know the oil is at the right level.

next is if that cat symbol with the heatwaves means coolant/overheating thats impossible because the cars temp gauge does not show any overheating, however though when i do turn the car of i hear gargling sounds.. coming from the coolant pipes. if anyone has something to add on that please do.

with the rear light symbol, i guess thats my rear lights which work well except for the small centre brake light with the leds, i have about 4 which arnt working but im pretty sure that shouldnt show up as a fault?

and battery, car starts up fine everytime, alternator is good.. though i do have a sub connected (previous owners) maybe some faulty wiring.

Ok, this is what im planning to do..

oil change & new oil filter plus e30 engine treatment and oil flush
coolant flush, then coolant chnage and bleed out any bubbles
spark plugs iridium ngk's im thinking BKR6EIX-11
flush brake fluid via bleeding, then new dot 4 fluid
transmission oil change castrol vmx, with nulon g70 treatment additive
and last but not least air filter clean

after all this i plan to disconnect the battery, then reconnect it start her take her for a spin.. and if i still get the warning lights ill refer to "The ECM stores the code(s) until it is cleared by removing the EFI No. 1 fuse with the ignition switch off." and give that a go.. if the lights still come on im screwed guys

PLEASE DO add any suggestions or comments!
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