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Default just bought a 1993 mkiv twin turbo, need help

Hey, so okay i just bought a 1993 twin turbo mkiv from but they got it straight form japan and is already somewhat tuned up with onlya bout 365hp i was wondering what i could do to supe it up to like 600hp i dont really know anythign about cars :S haha but ever since i watched youtube clips of supras i was like yeah i want that car so a few months later i bought one its already got after market intercooler and abunch of stuff but how could i supe it up more just need some advice on what to do and what type of gauges to put in it, and if i should get subs or would that add too much weight, but i hope someoen could just tell me general specifications onw aht to do and how to tune it so its super fast, thanx, YouTube - WWW.TYEEIMPORTS.COM SUPRA MK4 WALK AROUND thats the car i just bought so if anyone can help would be sweet

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