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Originally Posted by lamw001 View Post

I recently acquired a JDM RZ and wondering if it uses different lightbulbs than USDM. Really appreciate if anyone can some knowledge about this. Any complete lightbulbs guide out there other than the Sylvania:

OSRAM SYLVANIA - Replacement Guide - Start
I found this info with a couple of web searches:
The correct bulbs for the J-spec plastic headlights (early and late model) are:

Low = 9006J
High = 9005J

The J variant of the bulbs are a different fit to the standard 9006/HB4 and 9005/HB3 bulbs. The 9005/HB3 bulbs will fit in place of the 9005J, but the 9006/HB4 bulb will not fit in the low beam (the diameter of the body of the bulb is too big). As an alternative you can use a 9005/HB3 bulbs in the low beam as well (note you will need to trim a rib on the connection with the harness so that they will fit, very easy to do), ie

Low = 9005HB3
High = 9005/HB3

Bulbs & Lights Toyota tail lamp lh 81561-14700
Bulbs & Lights Toyota tail lamp rh 81551-14700
Bulbs & Lights Toyota t/s lamp frt rh 81510-80086
Bulbs & Lights Toyota t/s lamp frt lh 81520-80086
Bulbs & Lights Toyota t/s frt harness 81515-14390
Bulbs & Lights Toyota turn signal/hazzard flasher 81980-12070
Bulbs & Lights Low Beam Headlamp 9006
Bulbs & Lights High Beam Headlamp 9005
Bulbs & Lights Parking Light 168
Bulbs & Lights Front Turn Signal 1156
Bulbs & Lights Rear Turn Signal 1156
Bulbs & Lights Tail Light 1157
Bulbs & Lights Stop Light 1157
Bulbs & Lights Fog/Driving Light H3-55w
Bulbs & Lights License Plate 168
Bulbs & Lights Backup Light 1156
Bulbs & Lights Front Side Marker 194
Bulbs & Lights Rear Side Marker 194
Which light bulb(s) are you looking for?
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