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Try this first; connect a wire (about 20 amp) to the small spade connector on the starter motor, there are only two wires going to the starter, (both are positive) one large red wire which is bolted on to the starter and one thin one that is connected to a brown shielded spade connector. The other end of the wire temporally insulate, you may find it easer to leave the existing small wire connected and just crimp or solder the extra wire as close as possible to where it connects to the starter. Turn on the ignition (make sure its not in gear) remove the temporary insulation from the new wire and touch the positive terminal on the battery. If it does start then its more than likely the small wire has deteriorated. I had the same problem but didnít have time to fit the relay, so I connected a wire to the starter and insulated the other end. On the odd occasion when the starter just made a clicking sound, I just popped the bonnet (hood if you live in the US ) removed the insulation from the new wire and touched the positive terminal on the battery and up she started. I eventually got around to fitting a relay.
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