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#2 in that pic is the BVSV and since you said you have a jap motor that would explain why you don't have one and the fan temp sensor is threaded there, because JDM 7M's don't use the same emissions controls as the US like the EGR, BVSV, etc.

There is a pic floating around this forum with all the sensors on the thermostat housing and water outlet housing and descriptions of each one. Just tell us this: Are there 2 more sensors below the one you broke or only 1? Look on the thermostat housing (where that broke sensor is threaded into) not the water outlet housing (where the cold start injector time switch is). There should only be one.

On mine, there are 3 sensors on the thermostat housing and that blue 1 wire connector goes to the fan temp sensor on the bottom of the thermostat housing, where you can't see in that pic. There is also another 1 wire connector with a clear tab connector on the thermostat housing which is the A/C temp sensor, which should be the only other sensor on your thermostat housing unless that motor didn't come with A/C.
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