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Default Head Gasket replacement questions.

Well, as my other thread really isn't relevent anymore. I have a few questions prior to starting this project. I'm pretty sure that my vehicle is mostly stock, but it does have eibach springs.

I talked to the machine shops around town (Anchorage, Alaska) and none of them offer lapping. I'm going to have my block Hot Tanked, Surfaced, and Magnafluxed and the head Hot Tanked, Surfaced, and Pressre Tested. All of this is going to cost between $325 to $585 depending on which shop I go to.

One of them said that after surfacing the head/block their machine leaves a really fine finish (he said he they used a C&C Machine... whatever that is?) Has anyone had any experiance installing a metal head gasket without lapping?

Also, is there any way to tell if a vehicle has had a blown head gasket before? (to determine how thick of a gasket I need to get?) I know I need to compensate for how much they take off, but I'm not sure where I'm starting (stock is 1.2 right?)

What are your opinions on gasket kits? What brand would you recommend?

While I'm replacing the head gasket, is there anything you'd recommend replacing?

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