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Default Test Drive

to add to the main topic...
when buyin an MK3 make sure you test drive for one hour strait. tell the person you would like to test drive for that time give them a downpayment and your id..or have them come... drive the car in stop and go and fast highway or country make sure the temp is normal if you drive for less you get shafted. head gaskets are two much hastle to change on these car's after you just bought the car...
TRUST ME... im not saying dont buy but know that if you jump in to fast you get hosed more often than not.....i really stress a long test drive... it feels great for 15 min. then i left and 1/2 hour later im all the way at red. now i have a $2,000 pile torn apart in my driveway w/ another $1,200 in parts..
and for the people who don't own one your thinking the car is not worth it but for the people like me who have owend 1 or in my case 3 you wouldn't have it any other way b/c this car has the biggest payoff when finished... and a great fan base...
My 1989 toyota supra mods:83.5 mm bore, ARP main studs, ARP rod bolts,rings, Cometic .060" headgasket, ARP head Studs, Ferra 1 mm oversized valves, port work, Rc 550cc injectors, Walbro 255hp
Turbo: 1.15 A/R T4 twin Scroll turbin - journal .60 A/R compressor, Hallman Pro MBC, Turbo XS Blow-off Valve, 50mm wastegate, hks fcd
Intercooler: 32x12x3 core, 3 inch piping, with clampco t-bolt clamps
Exhaust:Exhaust manifold T4 twin scroll,2JZ 3 inch downpipe Fabed up to fit, Mandrell bent 3in back
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