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12psi boost
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Originally Posted by dcrusupra
Well, that fuel package wont flow enough for 600 but it may get you to 500. You'll need more than what's included in the suspension package, the stock fan will flow much more than an electronic fan, what size head gasket are you going to use? If you have 500+ hp you're going to want a big brake kit. And the MAFT-Pro kit is what I'm going to use.

What are you going to use for the turbo, wastegate, blow off valve, and engine management system?

What size head gasket are you going to use?

Which fuel pump are you going to use?

What other suspension related products are you going to use?

I'm not trying to be a pain in the ass but these questions are serving as a guide just to point you in the right direction.
the headgasket i know is going to be the HKS MHG bore and thickness is a unknown so far i havnt taken it apart to the head yet.
so here is the list of everything i can think of that would get me there or near. tell me if i miss anything

Air intake:
Cold air Apexi

i was thinking a t3/t4 hybrid
SS BOSS Turbo Stage 5 Build Your Own

i was thinking 50MM HKS or somthing,

i have the HKS SSQV but its not releasing so probably getting the new version. or that greddy BOV i think the Type R or RS the one with the raptor adapter

3inch. pipes upper and lower.

OBX twin turbo manifold
3 inch DP
1 HF cat
3 inch back
and a very open straight through design muffler

engine management:
mmm AEM?
bigger injectors maby 700-800cc
fuel rail LIPP dual feed
iranium Spark plugs
and MSD wires

size is unknown & ARP Studs
Greddy timing belt
adjustable timing gears

fuel pump:
dual 225 pump system.

Tein SS coilovers
cusco F&R strut tower bars and mid if i can find one.
Toyo Proxie 4's wide in the rear and deep dish rims
i dont think the tein coilovers work with Tems but if it does then the HKS upgrage of tems. and the dampering system
Suspension techniques sway bars.
RK FULL Poly Bushing Kit
LIPP Rear Traction Arms

Drilled and sloted Brembo big brake set

Bore .2 over
JE Pistons & Rings
Rods are unknown
Yonaka Motorsports Engine Gasket Set
Unorthodox Pulleys
Hose Techniques Hose Kit

7MGTE - 500hp never dyno'd
exhaust: 3inch pipes no cat/powerhouse manifold/garret gt47 18psi/HKS SS racing wastegate
fidenza cam gears
intake: PHR 4inch intake/K&N filter/3 inch intercooler/ pipeFMIC/greddy type R bov/
fuel: 550cc PTE/ walbro 255lp / Aeromotive adj pressure regulator
transmission: Fidenza flywheel/ACT extreme kit
electronics: map ecu 1 / HKS EVC 9
gauges:boost,EGT,oil temp & pressure/aem AFR
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