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Stock can handle a good amount. But not enough to hold 500-600 reliably. But the 7M, if built right, can run 600hp reliably. First upgrade for that kind of power would be the fuel system. Bigger injectors, a fuel pump, a fuel pressure regulator, maybe bigger fuel rail. Next step would be to increase the air intake. Bigger turbo, better manifold, external wastegate, some kind of mass air translator, bigger intercooler, bigger intercooler pipes, and a blow off valve or 2 that can hold that kind of power. Some kind of engine management system with a good tune. An exhaust possibly 3-5". Suspention, tires that will grip with that power. A good set of wheels. Clutch and flywheel. New stock or upgraded valve train, forged pistons, stock shotpeened and balanced rods or forged rods, blueprinted and balanced crankshaft, and a new radiator to name a few things.

What size headgasket are you thinking about going with?

And I left this list vague so you can look into everything and pick out what you like. I already have the answers to everyone of those categories listed to hit 600+ hp. It took a lot of researching. Lol.
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