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Originally Posted by sausa
...In france the most fast cars are germans cars! Nobody have modified car with 700 or 800 hp. Tuners often have small engine. Everythiks it's different.
In the usa, where large-displacement v8s are common, a 3L inline six is considered to be a small engine too...

Originally Posted by sausa
...Do you ever see the Paris Tuning Show ?
Unfortunately, no.

Originally Posted by sausa may understand what i need !!!
Since I haven't seen it, I'm not sure...but if I base it on some of the other auto shows I have seen, I'm guessing you're wanting a sweet ride that performs well, looks great, and has an awesome a/v system?

Originally Posted by sausa
...i thinks a small meeting in the USA will be more interesting !!!
Are you planning to visit the USA for a car show, or for a Supra meet?
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