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Originally Posted by adammickeymikey
im doing just about the same thing you are 87 is red and im going black with red accents....not much red just basically stitching on the interior and the calipers....nothing too ricey...i also need a dash and i need the black molding all around the car much did you pay for the trd shifter....and on ebay there is a kick ass trd steering wheel that im going to be getting..heres the link
but im modeling my car after a pair of shoes that i have that are adidas racing shoes black with red stitching even getting the tires that the bottoms are modeld after
Have you gotten any quotes on redoing the interior yet? I'm curious as to how much it would cost to redo the seats.

Originally Posted by IHateHacks
Nice job

Looks like you've been planning this out for a while.

I'm impressed!!!
Thanks. It's been a long time coming. I've been wanting to do the swap for a long time, but I never saved any money for it like I should have. In the meantime I was researching, figuring out which set-up would be the best way to go for what I wanted. Nate (kwnate) taught me a lot about the fuel system and a supra god by the name of Ian taught me about intercooling systems, so it's all good. Anyway when the time came when I had money I took the opportunity, bought a new shell from an old friend, bought an engine, and put what little knowledge I had to an engine swap and it came out pretty good. And just when it was starting to take off, I got fired. So much for my luck. Lol. But it still worked out good because I actually had time to do the swap.
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