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I would recomend a manual transmition for any type of racing over automatic any day. Due to the way an automatic works you typicaly suffer a %5 power loss through the drivetrain. There may be a few good examples of automatics at the racetrack ,but the manuals dominate by far for a reason. I would also think the manual preferable for autox as well ,due to the fact that you can keep your transmition in the power band more ,ie. shift down to 3rd when going through a turn so your at the top of your gear when you come out and are in your torque curve. I've seen some pretty unlikely candidates hold their own on the track as well. A good suspension setup goes a long way. I have seen big ol' muscle cars turning rather competetive timeslips ,which I would never expect. Sounds like you have a pretty realistic dream to me and have given this particular car a bit of consideration. I think you would be very happy with it. Good luck and happy motoring.
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