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Originally Posted by WhisPer
How much hp does a downpipe add?...
On its own, nothing at all. However, it removes restrictions in the exhaust, which allows your turbos to boost higher. As you probably know, you can only boost higher if you do other modifications, like the clamp mod or a boost controller, that allows you to raise boost. That increased boost level, provides quite a bit more power (I'd estimate up to 50rwhp more, at max boost). Without a downpipe, you'll probably be limited to less than 350rwhp.

Originally Posted by WhisPer
...scince I would not be going single for about a year or more maybe I could just get the DP and sell it when I go single...
Yes, that's a pretty common upgrade path.

Originally Posted by WhisPer
...I heard meth can be really unstable though, is this true?...
No. In fact, methanol is 100% for sure NOT unstable. It's just wood alcohol for goodness sakes!!! Where on earth did you hear that? Maybe they were thinking of nitromethane (or nitrous oxide, ...or trinitrotoluene? ) and not methanol.

Methanol (or any alcohol) is a bit corrosive though (especially to aluminum) if you install a meth kit and then boost a lot, it's best to drive your car around for a couple of minutes afterwards to flush all of the meth out of your intake system.

Originally Posted by WhisPer
...Also I was wondering if you knew of any good shops to work on Supras in Vegas. I know Virtual Works is here but im not shure if they work on public cars or not...
I can probably get you some good recommendations. Please post here or PM me after you've purchased your Supra and you're ready to get your upgrades installed, and I'll track down good shop(s) in your area.

Lastly, please note that there's a lot of other great information on the links posted in this thread:
...many of the questions you asked above are addressed in more detail at those links.
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