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Originally Posted by WhisPer
...Im sorry but I dont know what a BCC is...
It's a device made by GReddy. Here's more info:

Originally Posted by WhisPer
...But let's say I wanted 500rwhp then I could just use those upgrades and add a single turbo conversion?...
Yes and no. For example, the BCC, cam gears, fmic and fuel controller would all be useful, but the downpipe would not be. Aftermarket single turbo kits position the turbo in a very different location than oem, so the connection from the turbo's exhaust housing to the downpipe is in a different spot. As a result, the single turbo downpipe has a different shape.

Originally Posted by WhisPer
...or would I need more internal / fuel upgrades...
No. Again, as I already stated in my previous post, the oem block is good for 800rwhp+, and the oem fuel system is good for 500rwhp. Therefore, you would not need more internal/fuel upgrades to make 500rwhp.

Originally Posted by WhisPer does a clamp control boost levels?...
By restricting airflow/boost to the oem wastegate actuator, which slows down its response, and therefore allows a higher boost level.

Originally Posted by WhisPer
...about how high can you boost it with 91?...
Only about 14psi, safely & reliably. Can't you get 93 in vegas?

Oh, I forgot to mention in my previous post that you can use a meth+water injection kit (instead of race fuel) to increase the net octane level, and safely raise boost.

Originally Posted by WhisPer
...XD I know not my first turbo car...
What did you mean by "XD"???
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