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Wow! Thank you for the great response to my questions. I would just like to say yes Auto Trans may be better but nothing is more fun then a 6-speed and I am not too concerned with drag racing, its just for fun. Autox would just be a fun thing but yes I considered roadracing although I havent looked into it very much.

Originally Posted by pwpanas
...A GReddy BCC, a downpipe, and a simple hose clamp can get you to about 375rwhp (6spd), with race fuel. To get that up to 400rwhp with race fuel, you may have to add a fuel controller, intake, cam gears, fmic, an aftermarket bov (eg. HKS SS), and an exhaust (again, with high boost & race fuel)...
haha this is great, It took my honda every part upgraded to get even close to those hp levels. Im sorry but I dont know what a BCC is. But let's say I wanted 500rwhp then I could just use those upgrades and add a single turbo conversion? or would I need more internal / fuel upgrades.

Originally Posted by pwpanas
...No, a boost controller isn't absolutely necessary, unless you want to be able to change the max boost level from inside the cockpit. You can raise the boost using a $0.10 hose clamp, as long as you've already installed your GReddy BCC to prevent fuel cut...
how does a clamp control boost levels?

Originally Posted by pwpanas
...Also, don't forget to increase your octane with race fuel when you increase your boost, or (like I said above) your pistons will get damaged. Note that the damage doesn't happen instantly, because the oem ecu tries to retard timing when it detects detonation, but this doesn't always happen fast enough. Damage over time is guaranteed if you repeatedly run high boost on pump gas...
XD I know not my first turbo car, but about how high can you boost it with 91?

and thanks again for the great response

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