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Smile new here and thinking about getting a Supra

Hi Everyone, I have been looking into getting a supra for quite some time and I have quite a few questions that I hope can be answered here. Let me start off by saying that I am looking to get a TT 6speed MKIV Supra. I will also give you a little insight on why I want a Supra and what I will do with it. First off I just want to state that the Supra is absolutely a sex machine and is one of the best looking cars in my opinion. I have always wanted one but it was impractical for a first car and now I have a slight chance to get my dream car. So enough chit-chat I will be keeping the car stock (or with whatever upgrades may come with it) for a while. I will slowly upgrade it but I am very young so money is a big issue. I just want a fast, sexy daily driver not a full race car. I want to be able to do weekend drag racing and maybe even autoX. I hope this does not boar anyone but I have a TON of questions and thanks in advance for your answers!

Well my first question is simple. What do I look for when buying a supra?! any rust spots any engine components that break or need replacing a lot? Any little tips for what too look at will help me a ton.

Also I am wondering what a decent price is for a TT, 6-speed I will look at any years above 93 but most likely years 95+ because I will only get a car with less then 50k miles. Condition is also very important too me I will pay more for quality but I don't want to get ripped off.

I have a few questions about what to do with my Supra. I was thinking of a single conversion because it seems cheaper then upgrading the TT. Is a BPU a good idea or is it better to peice together a single turbo setup. Also what is a good BPU or "parts" to get about 400whp and still be able to go over that easily. How far can you push the stock block and fuel system?

Also I am wondering what top mph a stock or slightly modified Supra is goverend too I am assuming around 150mph? What do you have to do to by-pass the speed governer. How important is a upgraded ecu and tuning? does every small upgrade require tuning? What is better a stand alone or a piggyback or does it even matter?

Also I have a few questions about modifing the supra. What is a good start too upgrading a stock Supra? Intake? boost controller? exhaust?

Last but not least what all will I need to get 400rwhp? will 91octane still be able to be used at these HP levels? Also I want to aquire around 400whp but still have room to boost it up in the future. So what do I need? Turbo? Fuel? Internals? Piping? etc...

Thanks for all your help

I was thinking of just saving for a decent BPU witha few supporting mods, is this the best route for me to go for what I want, or is there other paths to take? All help greatly appriciated
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