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New pics...
These are the smoked turn signal covers and the TRD shift knob

A couple of close ups of the knob

And this is the sunshade and Bomex rears

I have $1k coming in from my tax return. And then about $500 more in late April. I'm still trying to decide what I'm going to buy.

I'm probably going to get some 2.5" intercooler piping, Bomex sideskirts, stock accordian hose, and a boost controller. And then in April I'll probably buy a front face intake manifold.

In the mean time, I towed my car to where my parents work and the owner of the place said I can do the swap in the parking lot.



I have a write-up on how to remove a 7M-GE on my CarDomain, but the engine was a Cressida engine, so it is probably a little different but not enough that it will give you problems.
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