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Complete change of pace....

My last build turned out to be hopeless. The body of the car was useless to me, it required too much bodywork and too much bondo. So i found a car that better suited my needs.

I got new window louvers so the ugly faded ones will be replaced by brand new shiny ones.

Body kit

Shineauto Gracer front bumper
Bomex sideskirts
Bomex rears - just bought
89+ taillights
89+ molding
Sunshade - just bought
Turn Signal Covers - just bought
Ruff Racing R280 Rims 18x9.5 rear 18x8.5 front

I just got the turbo engine and tranny

It was all going good, I was buying a new item every week. Then I got fired for a BS reason, so i cant buy anything else until i find a new job. I was just about to buy the rest of the body kit also. It sucks.

I also jumped in on a TRD shift knob group buy. I got the knob in like 4 days. It kinda scared me because there was no confirmation of a recieved payment.

Here is the new engine after some cleanup

a new intercooler i cant use yet, i need a bigger turbo. 24x12x3 without end tanks, 3" inlet/outlets.

Saved some items from the last car that I was going to use. The LIPP high flow fuel rail and the aeromotive fuel pressure regulator.

A list of upgrades that I'll be buying after i get a new job and the rest of the body kit:

Forged JE pistons, .20 over
Pauter Rods
FFIM w/ Q45 TB
+1mm full Ferrea valve train
JT70 turbo
Tial BOV
680CC RC Injectors
Aeromotive A1000 fuel pump
3" Cooleze downpipe
3" exhaust
C's short shifter
Jaws Gear aluminum 1 pc. driveshaft

I haven't decided which clutch I'll use yet, i was looking at the clutchmasters stage 3, but i dont really want a harsh engagement. I'm not sure if I'll get a lightened flywheel either.

As of right now, I'll put the engine in with the W58 instead of the R154 because I don't have a driveshaft for the R154. I was going to buy the Jaws Gear one but i got fired the day I was going to order it. The W58 has an upgraded clutch so it should be fine for a bit. The engine will stay stock for a little while so I can just get used to driving the car again, it's been 2 years since I've driven a Supra lol.

And after a long time of searching for some nice black rims with a chrome lip i finally settled on some rims. The Ruff Racing R280s. 18x9.5 and 18x8.5 +35 offsets for front and rear.

Picture of said rims....

I'm still doing the black with red accents theme. I got an 89+ climate control with red LEDs in it, and I put red LEDs in the gauge cluster. I just need to work on the interior again.

And thats about it, I'll post pics of some little things as I go along. As soon as I can find a place I can use to swap the engines, I'll post some more pics. And sorry about the disorganized post. Lol.
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