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Originally Posted by chash360
I had a pristine 1990 Supra Turbo Sport Top with every factory option: AT,OD,PS,Tilt-TS,AC, Power everything (Windows, Seats, Locks, heated Mirrors), leather interior, AM/FM/CD Cassette, even a tow package. 160,000 miles before the rebuild. Rebuilt the motor myself (my 4th rebuild of a 7MGTE, none of my rebuilds have failed to this day), with about 6000 miles after the rebuild.

In 2004 I was rear-ended while at a complete stop, by a van load of kids doing almost 60 mph. Needless to say the car was totaled, and I am lucky to be alive.

The insurance company is offering an insulting ~4K as the value of my car. I can go onto any online used car listing (autotrader, vehix, etc.) and the average asking price for a truely comparable Supra is about twice that. Even bluebook is higher than the offer.

Does anyone know of a person or business that can give me a decent appraisal?

Any personal estimates of value would be greatly appreciated as well.
well....I dont know about Oregon but here if you have a appraised value higher from a reputable company they have to issue that difference...however...most people dont have a appraisal BEFORE a accident (unless its a custom rod usually) so that might hurt ya chances there.
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