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Originally Posted by korrupt1
I do that when I am looking over the cars that I have looked at....thats just me though....I want to insure I am getting the best possible car for my money spent...which is why I havent found the right car yet....I understand that the car I am looking at is gonna have miles and prolly have a few things wrong on it...but if someone wont let me look the car over properly then to me it shows they have something to hide about the car then it isnt worth what they are asking for it in the first place.....the guy I said who was asking 5k for his MKIII that blew coolant wouldnt let me do half the checks over on the car and he just wanted the car shut off quickly...which I refused to due....and thanks to that I found out I would have been stranded in the niddle of nowhere with a basically useless car with a large repair bill on my hands also......I would say at least 95% of people I have spokent too about their cars have been more than willing to allow me to go over their cars and have been very understanding in the fact that I want the most car for my money....I dont take any test drives until other checks have been completed and the one I wanted wouldnt go down on his price...which is fine for him but I would have had to source out parts to get up to snuff...little bits like some front bumper pieces and some trim and me it was worth $4000....he wanted $4300.....I needed and wanted the $300 to get some of the said parts....we spoke and went our ways mutually far as I know the guy still has the car.
Good point, I think I see where you're coming from.
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