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Anyone selling a car should be willing to come down 10-20% on price. They need to understand, that the buyer wants to 'feel' he got the best deal.

I looked back, and realized I've owned 53 cars & trucks (and sold 52). Every one that I sold was in better condition than when I bought it. With nearly all of them, I got all my $$$ back, and drove it for various lengths of time.

A few I actually made $$$ on (because they were so cheap to buy).

If the seller won't let your personal mechanic look it over, DON'T buy it, he's hiding something.

If the car needs to be emissions certified for transfer, he should be willing to get it done. If he's not, then he already knows it won't pass, and will cost $$$$ to repair.

Be careful about the test drive. Look the car over real good first. Make sure the brakes and lights all work. Make sure the tags are current. Don't have an accident !!

One time........
I jumped in a car for sale, for a friend (she wanted my opinion), and the owner.

I got stopped for a tail light out. By the time the cop was thru, I was screwed.

The windshield had a crack, a headlight was out on highbeam, a signal bulb was out, the wipers didn't work, a tire was bald, and the tags were expired by 1 month.

I tried to explain that I was just test driving it for the woman, and that the owner was sitting in the car, but the CHP said the 'driver' is responsible for the condition of the vehicle when its out on a public road.

Well, she ended up NOT buying that car. The owner said he would get the stuff fixed and have the ticket 'signed-off' by a cop. He didn't. I got a notice to appear in court.

Now I was gonna have to take off work (lose $$$) for this crap.
So...the woman went to court for me, explained to the judge what happened, and the judge dismissed the ticket.

Remember...your the driver, so you'll get the ticket. out the car on to check the value.

Its worth the $50-100 you might have to pay a shop to thoroughly look over and estimate any needed repairs.

You can usually get the seller to lower the price if it needs some major repairs to make it safe and dependable.
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