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Thumbs up Sup Guys, total nub having some engine problems with my MKIII...

Well if anyone can reply and or try and help me out my i just got my 1989 supra mkIII 7m-gte Hks INtercooler, sequencial blow off valve, intake adapter, exaust, downpipe. and its an auto. so 3 months ago and its giving me this weird engine malunfunction. its giving me 2 codes for those of you that are familiar with the check engine code system it has, 34 and 52 i know 34 has something to do with the turbo charger.
Ok heres the problem, when was my fathers and he would floor it, it would be fine speeding up then when it would shift it would stop for about a second and regain it self at the same speed. Then car was not used for 2 years it was turned on and warmed up but not ran. now when i got it 2 years later it does the speeding up part but when it shifts and regain itself it has a huge lack of power and dosent continue with the same force . Hopefully i was able to explain it so that you could understand it. If anyone can help me out it definetly could be some one here. So if you have any other questions or comments please answer back, email me at or talk to me directly on aim if you have one at MrSUpra857 im on verry frequently thanks much for reading .

Mike AKA Mr.Supra
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