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Unhappy HELP! My engine just started a weird noise...

I notice that my car was making a loud noise, comming from the engine. My Father says it's the Crankshaft but I don't know? It does not tick until you give it some'll then notice a LOUD ticking/kinda like a knocking noise from the inside but the engine stays still and does not shake...kinda like something is hitting the engine from the inside. Car still runs but I am not running her. I NEED HELP! Is the crankshaft easy to replace or do I have to replace the whole engine? Which is more convinent? PLEASE HELP ME!!!! I RESPOND A LOT FASTER IF YOU EMAIL ME AT I've been without it for this ONE day and I'm already missing it soooo much. If it's the engine, does anyone know a great place in or around Sacramento, California? If it's the crankshaft, does anyone know how to fix it and how much does it usually cost to do it? Thanks to all of you.
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