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Default supra times

the mxiv supra shows a 5.3 time 0-60. A top speed of 155, and 13.7 seconds on the 1/4 mile. took me a little longer to find some specs but thats what it says. hp is 320@5600 and it has a 325.1 ft-lbs @4800 rpm.

as i stated before you could do a big track also. its not like a drag track, is the only place to test a car. Probably the cheapest but thats about it.

Um if you had a high turbo you could run probably easy 10's with a good tranny n differential setup at the drag track. that right there would be what probably 130+mph or so plus. and you dont have to stop right away i'd say reaching 150 or so on the drag is good enough. To set up a car your can go either way and i'd say a highend car sucks at drags anyways bcuz of the differential. if you want top speed i'd probably recommend a v-10-12, mid-engine and having a good rear-end setting.

as for the new supra specs i have no clue what they are and i guarantee i could probably make a 700hp running supra for the same price. and yes it'd kick its ass in anything. only problem is on todays gas prices how much will i actually drive a car like that? probably pretty little, here and there at the drags. I barely drive my 70 challenger that get like 8 mpg. goes pretty fast tho. on top of that you can get dragsters for pretty cheap, ya i always wanted a streetable car that can go insanely fast.

sadly i havent seen too many new cars i actually love or need. Ya some are nice but none are would make me switch my mind on getting a 32 ford chopped and hot rodded. only a few like a ferrari, lambo etc would make me blink twice about going that way. Most cars after you get in them you might change your mind, i know i have with a lot but the fact remains that many cars are lacking the looks and hp. the new mustangs got the looks but no hp, sure i can super it right away or turbo it but its just not my first choice on having a dragger. i look forward to seeing some more super cars, i heard the dusenberg or w/e suppose to be making a comeback and resembles a lot of the bently contintal. to me its just sad that im starting to like some 4 doors over 2. Bottom line is a 2-door will kick the crap outta a 4 bcuz of its length but the new evo and 300's have me always second looking them.

I just want the new camaro and challenger now. It's gonna be interesting to see how many our bought, im thinking a ton and once again the supra and hondas will have the rarer cars.

I'm just half scared to see what gas prices might get to when no ones putting a cap on it and that over in europe already its close to 10 dollars per gallon. i mean seriously i'd think about riding my pedal bicycle around town then wasting 100 g for 20 mins of fun.

as for the kid that asked about top speed i'd recommend learning about different torque converters and rear-ends before you look up some silly brochure trying to remember specs. took me a lil while myself to understand the differnt gearing off trannys and rear-ends but makes a huge difference in speed for your application.
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