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Default Rims and Tyres

Hey, Well im new here so i guess a little intro would be nice,

My real name is Vince im 21 years old and im from the Netherlands

Now ive got a 94' Toyota Supra TT and I want New rims, a friend of mine told me that its better to stay with 17" rims then 18" cause with the 18"rims the car would slow down or drive differently.. and what are the size for the supra of the front and rear?? here's a Link

of the rims i want and the size's are also there but i don't know what's the best one 17 or 18"..and if the inch doesnt matter...would i need 9j or 10j.. and the offset..??

So basicly im fucked ahah please if someone could help me out.

And then i want to bore you with another question going with the rims... what messeurements of tyres would i neem... 255?? 265?? i dont know what fits with the rims..

So please someone help me out here..

Many thanx anyway..

Greets Ice.
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