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Default problems, problems, and problems

i have a couple problems with my car that i cant figure out.
1. when i start my car my rpm's are under 1000 and my car sounds like it's going to die. after like 2 mins it just stays at 1000 at it sounds normal. Have no idea whats wrong.

2. when my car is on and im reving the engine i can pull the key out.

3. every few minutes or so the car makes a sound like its changing gears. It makes this sound even if its sitting in the drive way or when im driving. Could it be something rattling on another part like exhaust.

4. I can smell heavy fumes when the car is started and it just fills the air. like its a really heavy smell like it almost fills ur lungs.

5. I also noticed that there is a short tube from the bottom of my radiotor and i dont know were it leads too. its only like 4" long.

6. there is also another tube that is connted by the air filter just a section up dont know were this one goes eithier.

ur input is appreciated.

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