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500whp yet?
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Originally Posted by mazola790
isphius do you have any links to your monte? I love the 85ish style. would like a national or a monte ss myself someday.

Originally Posted by mazola790
As for a v-8 (tt) or turbo. How many production cars out there do you see with anything bigger then a v-6 turbo. the answer is very few and theres many reasons. price, development, design..etc. The only cars i can think off of hand are super cars. (or in some casses other people modifiying cars, ie rousch).
Chevy/ford/Dodge diesels. 6.6-8 liter v8s, All turbo. lol. This is just a joke. But one that i do know of...Vector, in the 80s, Made a car with a twin turbo cadillac or oldsmobile( i think)v8 and front wheel drive trans/axles/suspension, In a mid engine car. It was also made out of aluminum and balsa wood and glue, Very clever design. Very ugly car thou, So boo at them.
Yay the supra assistant is gone!!! WEEE!!

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