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Ok. I've decided to rewrap my stock seats with black vinyl and red stitching. My brother hooked me up with someone "that will rewrap my interior for a good price." Not sure how good. I'll talk to him soon and let you all know. I am waiting for money to get into my paypal so I can get a shift boot and e-brake boot in black vinyl with red stitching. Someone on another forum is making them. I havent had much time to do anything. Im looking for a way to redo the bottom carpet part of the door panel where the pocket is. I sprayed a part of it with the interior spray and it came out somewhat good. But not what I'm looking for. I also spray painted the extra damaged fender with the spray paint and it came out a lot better than the rest of the paint on my car. Lol. O well. I'll have some more pics up soon.

I still dont have the damned alarm keypads I ordered last Monday. I called on Tues and they said they shipped it out already. And then I called again on Fri to get the tracking number and they said they already shipped it out that morning. And I still dont have a tracking number. On top of that, I had to call a California number in order to check the status of an order and they left me on hold for about 10 mins. So that was nice of them.
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