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I hope that toyota never comes out with a new supra, they will never be able to beat it anyway or even come close. Nothing will efect the MKIV anyway but to me things are fine the way they are. Toyota took its time to make one good sports car and they did it right the first time and they surpassed ( supra) the compitition , unlike honda ,nissan, and mitsu toyota dosent focus on sports cars or trying to sprorty-up the cars they sell to appeal to younger people or people that like sports cars. They did once and look what happened!!!
Make the team of engeneers that designed the MKIV come back and design the new supra or another sports car , ( half of them probobly dead now ). All the cars that are being made now are crap, all mass produced with cheap materials ,cheap labor, and cut backs to cut corners to make as much money on them and spend as little as possible sacreficing materials.

To me the best cars where made in the 90s.

P.S Do you think if toyota never comes out with anything to match the supra and in like 20 years there will be only like 300 supras left in the world, I wonder what the value would be and how people would react to you saying that you own one. I bet there would only be like 1 forum. No parts avalible anywhere and everything super expensive.

How many supras are left in the world anyway?
anybody have a guess.

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