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Default Head Gasket Part II

Well after a little over a month, I got my car running, it runs really good and starts very quickly. Although I still have a major issue. Water is still getting into the cylinders. I shouldnt've 2nd guessed my head and block. I'm using an HKS head gasket and a rebuilt head. The block was only prepared by doing a through cleaning.

I suspect that the block surface isn't as true as I assummed. I made the assumption based on the fact that the block only has 82,xxx miles on it. Shame on me. As a lot of you probably know, the tolerences have to be super flat in order for the MHG to seal properly. I have read that someone used a MHG without proper preperation to the block with success. I was hoping to be that lucky. Shame on me twice.

I still have a composite head gasket that will provide a better seal by allowing for looser tolerances and helping seal imperfections. I am going in for round 2. Being this intimate with my engine has made me confident I can do this over the weekend. I will post pix of the whole ordeal when I have completed round 2.

So lesson learned, take heed and warning, as has been said before. When using a MHG, you need your block and head milled to the finest RA (smoothest finish) possible. *RA= Roughness Average, I believe the smaller the number the better.

P.S. On a positive note, I feel so confident about ripping it back apart, I only need to refference the manual for the proper torque sequence and removal of the head and cams, and my engine is super clean, with all new gaskets and hoses, as well as other goodness that I will reveal once completed.
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