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I was just wondering if anyone knows if a supra would be a decently quick car with just a few mods to an 87 non turbo supra its a 5 speed cause I am looking at three cars right now I am looking at a 1994 civic dx hatchback but has 40.000 into it 6000 paint b20b motor swap t4 turbo etc guy wants 10,000 or 6,000 with different motor acura integra 1.8 non vtec but car has clutch exhaust its a show car I have 6,000 to spend and its that or 2001 chevy cavalier but has full body kit dropped racing seats some aftermarket bolt on things and exhaust for 5,500 so that would be all my money and I was thinking of saving till summer and buying a supra cause some guy is selling a 1987 supra with no turbo its blue decent condition has one little rust spot but new paint job and interior is mint has 130,000 miles and wants 2,000 said he will take 1500 no lower I was thinking give him 1200 if I can get it for 1200 think its worth it and will the car last me all winter and spring and wondering if it would be fast cause where I am from there are alot of people that race and I was wondering if it would keep up with some cars that my friends had like 1995 1.6 vtec del sol and vr6 jetta just curious. SORRY IF I ASKED TO MUCH WOULD LIKE SOME ADVICE[FONT=Arial][COLOR=blue]
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