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Valve cover gaskets get hard and leak. That is what is happening to your car. Repace and blow out the oil or get it sucked out somehow. If you pull the plugs and let the oil into the cylinders, there is no telling what else is going into that hole hidden in the oil. The noise, if it is deep then it is a rod bearing. If it is light tapping then the valve clearances need adjusting.

It seems that we routinely see close to 200,000 miles on these engines when the problems start. All the engine oil seals get hard and leak oil, front, rear, top and bottom. If those leaks can be stopped before running out of oil then the engine will last pretty long. But as soon as the engine runs dry one time, there goes a rod and probably main bearings.

Don't toss it though, there are plently of people here that might want or know someone who might want the car. And if repaired, it is a great car to drive. The price of an engine or rebuild is much cheaper than a new car.

My 2 cents worth.

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