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Default Thanks!

Thanks CRE!

I have a manual trans. so it could be the clutch safety switch.

It just seemed curious to me that no one had mentioned the OEM—starter-relay as a likely suspect ;-)

The wire failing just seems weird ...

The wire-gauge to the solenoid at the starter is pretty beefy,
but if i read the wiring diagram correctly the current has to come through the AM1 contacts on the ignition-switch ... so ...
it seems like it shouldn't be a ton of current?

Perhaps my “easiest” first step would be to rig a temporary 14G
(or better) jumper wire from the starter solenoid (blue) wire
terminal to somewhere close to the battery and make it “safe”.
Leaving the original intact).

Then next time car does not start –
I pop the hood and touch of the wire on the positive terminal...
(with the car in neutral and parking brake applied of course… )
and see what happens….

If it starts then ... well it's not the starter or the battery.
It could still be

  1. clutch safety swtich
  2. OEM starter relay not passing adequate current
  3. blue solenoid wire crapped out
    (or high resistance connection somewhere ...)
  4. or dicked up alarm system ...
But as long as I can get home ... I can work those things out...

If I can FIND one maybe I'll just replace the starter relay because it's pretty easy...

Check the image on this page:

Thinking about it... installing a "helper" relay really addresses both #2 and #3 at the same time... without isolating the actual cause...?

Looking at the alarm:

The hood switch is just a switch to ground and shown in the "open" position ... which I think means it would close when you pop the hood and I can just unplug it and defeat the alarm?

I think my brain is full... time for a beer.

AGAIN thanks for your help!
Any further thoughts much appreciated!
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