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Default EGR removal clarification

So I have been doing some research across the interweb and have found some great (and sometime conflicting) information. My lower intake plenum had several air leaks so I've got the entire left side off the engine. Looking at keeping the EGR off (cleaner engine bay and easier workspace in there).
So I know the following for my 7MGE:
- Have to block the port on the back of the upper plenum.
- Need to block off several vacuum lines (I have those marked and ready).

What I haven't confirmed yet is - can I leave the EGR cooler in place across the back of the head and simply block the port where the EGR bolts in as part of the lower plenum?
I have read to remove the EGR cooler (which is really just a hollow aluminum cover and doesn't appear to have any "cooling" capability) and block that exhaust port on the right side of the head. Why can't you just leave that in place and block the port where the EGR connects as part of the lower plenum??
Does that leave too much heat across the entire back of the head?
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