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I took $1,000 of the stimulus money and bought a new set of rims and tires. They are: Raceline 7x16 tuner wheels from Aspire Motoring on eBay and Toyo Versato Noir tires 225/50/16 from Walmart online. I considered 17" but they cost more and the tires as well. They wouldn't be 50 series tires at that point which would give a rougher ride and that's not the direction I wanted to go. One important recommendation is to get the 60 angle lug nuts with the extended shoulder ("lug nut guys" on eBay). There's about 1.5 mm clearance when seated to the flange that presses against the hub. Another thing that was needed is centric rings to put on the hub flange and I got aluminum ones. 60.1 mm ID and 72.6 0D. Torque is the same at 76 foot-pounds. The lug stud spacing is 5x114.3 mm. The rim offset is 40 mm which is close to the 37 mm stock dimension. Since these are tuner rims, the other 5 holes are spaced at 5x108 mm. The lug nuts need to be skinny tuner style and fit in a 0.9 inch hole. It uses a splined key socket that fits over the splined lug nut and goes down in the hole. These new wheels replace my old set of 5 spoke Supra MK4 16 inch rims that are 225 8 inch in the front and 245 9 inch in the rear. The offset is 50 which is way different than the stock 37 mm and 7 inch rim widths front and back. Getting away from the stock offset and rim widths introduces issues like scrub angle and uneven tire wear in the front. I couldn't rotate them front to back because they are a staggered set. They look damn good though. For a finishing touch I replaced the Raceline center caps with TRD's that I found on eBay shipped from Europe (Latvia). These tires are quiet, smooth, long wearing, and even fuel saving. When buying tires, take a look at the DOT code on the side. The last 4 digits indicate the week and year made. (i.e. 0219 = 2nd week of 2019) Don't let someone sell you tires older then you can use up within 10 years of manufacture. I'm going to get a wheel alignment ASAP because I did a bunch of suspension work.

Update: I got an alignment at tires plus and they did an excellent job. All of the parameters were in the green zones and mostly centered. This was possible because I'd replaced a bunch of suspension components and made sure that all 8 of the adjusting cam bolts were movable. I had to cut out the rear driver's side No.1 control arm and replace it with one I found on eBay that had a good bushing and cam bolt. The ride is very smooth, quiet, and vibration free on the highway at speeds above 70 mph. Ready for a road trip now!
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