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Be very careful with starting fluid going in the intake anywhere near the air flow meter. The Turbo car has a Karman vortex air flow meter that can get killed very easily if you try and clean it or get fluid inside 2 the tiny holes near the top of the wedge shaped air divider. There are ways to test the fuel pump by jumping 2 pins in the diagnostic block under the hood With the ignition in the on position, not cranking. With that done you will hear a whooshing sound when you jump the 2 pins Fp and +B. That is assuming the fuel pump relay is in working order. Its located in the fuse box under the hood. AutoZone has a loaner fuel pressure test kit. The specs are in the Toyota book. I tapped it where the cold start injector comes out of the fuel rail. Just be careful with that plastic cold start tube not to crack it (especially in cold weather). The classic expression of a unplugged or failing airflow meter is that it won't idle. Could also be stale or bad gas. Be careful if you attempt to replace the fuel filter. The flared nut connection can strip or twist the hard pipe because it becomes welded together from corrosion. It's in an awkward place above the differential. Soak it with PB blaster or deep creep for an hour and use a flare nut wrench on the hard fuel line side and a open end wrench to hold the filter side. Looks like a brake line flare nut wrench only larger. I think it's 14 mm. Check it with an open-end wrench 1st. If the nut is still frozen and the hard pipe starts to twist, spin the filter off after taking off the banjo connection from the other end and loosening the holding bracket from the filter. Don't forget those 2 copper washers on the banjo side and use new ones. Check for leaks after replacement without starting the car using the jumper block method under the hood. Check the engine timing and spark plug gap and plug up any vacuum leaks. Spark plug torque is 16 foot-pounds, no more. The vacuum hose diagram is under the hood. Removing the cam position sensor requires a step-by-step procedure to reinstall it properly. Just setting the timing means rotating it with the bolt loosened. Get yourself a year specific Toyota dealer repair manual from eBay or use the generic one online located at: Cygnus X1

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