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Originally Posted by yale View Post
First, welcome!

Second, will the window not respond to either switch (driver or passenger)? I ask because my driver-side switch will put down my passenger window but won't bring it back up. Not worth the $$ to replace it just for that.
Can you jump across the wires and bypass the switch to make the window go up/down? That would eliminate the motor/wiring/etc.
First, thank you.

Second, it will not work from either side. I tried to set it to go up from both sides, and then it came up but was a hair open. Now, it won't go up at all. I talked about this on another forum, and they suggested cleaning out the contacts on the switch. I did the bit that connects to the wiring, but am trying to get it apart. Any means you suggest of doing it without breaking it?

Something else: My brother got the car before me, but the regulator had sat in a box, in a car that got damp because the roof leaked, and had the sun beating down on it the rest of the time. Could any of that be a problem?
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