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Default Turbo isnt spooling with a small amount of white smoke out of the tail pipe help!

hey everyone. I am purchasing a 1990 supra tomorrow. its a automatic turbo model. the only problem I found with the car is that the turbo is not spooling at all. it is making no boost and no "turbo like" noises. the engine sounds beautiful and revs up nicely! the car only has 80k miles on it and the engine looks like it could be brand new it in great shape. do you think the white smoke is cause by the turbo being bad? I don't think its a head gasket because once the car warms up there is very little white smoke. maybe something is just burning off? ive seen head gasket cars making clouds of smoke. the car had been sitting for months before I started it and saw the smoke. I am getting this car for a steal so I would just like to know what you guys thing could be the problem as I would really appreciate it! if you guys could confirm that it could quite possibly just be the turbo I would really appreciate it. oh and when you drive it the car does not overheat or anything like that. thanks!
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