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Default Supra Racing Clubs

With years of Supra ownership and years of road racing in my background, I am finding it very hard to locate anyone, anywhere who has seen or heard of any road racing groups or clubs devoted to the Supra.

A long time ago, at nearly every track I attended, there were not only Miata clubs, Mini clubs, Civic and Prelude clubs, but also Supra clubs.

In British Columbia, Canada there are a lot of vintage Supras on the streets, some of them right hand drive versions, but I can't find any racing groups any more.

In my experience, the A70 Supras were competitive with Corvettes and Porches on track and street, and as a full race platform, the A70 had a lot more potential than most people realized.

I get that the A70 is just a late 80s "wanna-be" to many racing snobs, but their closed minds can't block out facts.

If anyone knows how to locate a racing club still using the A70, I'd love to hear from them.
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